In our factory, we are making use of abundant experience of mold-production and utilize them from mold planning to mass-production press processing, and assembling.
We are specialized in "Deep Drawing Press Works of stainless steel to meet the demands" We can supply customers with surface treatment and cutting on one-step service basis with cooperative factories.
All the staffs are making efforts to meet the demands of tour customers under the theme "Challenge the technical wall, and we can find out the answer to the requests of our customers"

Indsutrial contents

Press works
Press working
The small lot production of deep-drawing press products is enabled by deciding the mold-setting process. We can widen the usages of relative press-machines and their relative devices.
Mold production
Die production
In mold production, our abundant experiences and accumulated techniques have become the basis of our confidence, and the techniques have flown in our production-lines.
Assembling process
Lighting assembling
We can meet with your many kinds of small lot irrespective of quantity with cultivated know-hows by authorized engineers. We have offered stable qualities to our customers up to now.

Products Accomplishments

Transfer press, Progressive press part
Transfer press Scudding press part
The stainless steel has high hardness and it is one of the most difficult press-processing materials. However we have provided our customers with many kinds of press-processing items through our own technologies inherited for a long time. In addition, the small lot of deep drawing product is possible without using an exclusive machine and device with our own preparing method.

Single lot press part
Single-engine press part
We can cope with processing of various shapes, size, sheet and plate, even if it is one-shot press processing. If we use our abundant standard mold stock, it is not necessary for customers to prepare mold at the beginning of works.

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